Canyoning normal
Canyoning is a lot of fun with many exciting challenges along the way. Here the challenges can be tailored to the individual’s wishes. The canyoning trip offers a fantastic nature experience. Here there are jumps into potholes, fast water slides, swimming behind waterfalls, climbing, cliff jumping and much more.
Duration: 2-4 hours

Price NOK 830

Combo Rafting Short Trip / Canyoning NOK 1230

Canyoning Family Trip
The family trip is a lot of fun from beginning to end. The guides will take you to nature’s best playground. The whole family can try swimming in the ponds, fun water slides, jumping into pot holes and maybe someone in the family will try out an exciting cliff jump at the end?
Duration: 2-3 hours

Price NOK 660

Combo Family rafting / canyoning NOK 990

Combo Family+ rafting / canyoning NOK 1060