Riverboard or Hydrospeed is completely different from rafting. With hydrospeed you are not on the river as in a rafting boat, but on the other hand you and the hydrospeed are in the river, in the midst of the rapids, in the middle of the stream and in the waves all the time! And you are the one in control. Hydrospeed is an adrenaline bomb!

We can customize the trip to families with children down to 10 years of age.

Price NOK 690


Duckies are inflatable kayaks that can be paddled by one or two people.
In these boats the river seems much bigger and the your possibilities become greater.

In a ducky you really feel the power of the river. The trip ends with our attempt at surfing in the famous Skjåk Wave surfing wave. In a regular kayak, a lot of exercise is required to do this. In a ducky we paddle into the powerful wave and surf it already on the first try! This is a great experience!

Price NOK 690

Familietur med ducky på Ottaelva

Ducky, Family Trip

Ducky can also be arranged as a family trip, and is great for children and adults who may have rafted before and want to try something new. We surf waves and paddle ourselves downstream, feeling the giant power of the river. A wonderful activity where adults and children can face challenges together on a trip down the river.

Price NOK 600 per person


Moose safari

To see the majestic Moose in its natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. During the tour you will get the chance to learn more about Moose and the other inhabitants of the forest. Our guide shares his skills of wildlife tracking as we search for hoof prints, fresh droppings and bite marks. 

 As the night falls the forest is brought to life and Moose awake from their daytime slumber to feed. This means prime time for Moose watching. After years of experience our guide knows the animals´ natural movements in the surrounding terrain. He leads you to the most visited animal paths and the nightly feeding grounds. 

The season for moose safari is from 1.June until 15th of August

Price NOK 500 per person

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