Rafting for everyone

Welcome to Skjåk Adventure! We specialize in exciting experiences in beautiful nature. Join us for a trip on the Otta river, perfect for rafting and other fun water activities

We have tours to suit most, from families with small children to those who want to get into the wildest rapids. In addition to rafting, we offer canyoning and other activities like Riverboarding and Ducky.

Aktiv familie på tur med Skjåk Adventure

This is rafting on the children’s terms. The tours go in quieter parts of the river, but there are still enough waves to make it fun and exciting for both children and parents. Can be adapted for children down to 6 years of age.

Ofossen høyre løp.

With Hydrospeed you get close to the elements and really get to feel the force of the river.

Rafting gjennom Kvitveggen i Ofossen

Here we take you on a journey through the major rapids. The trip can also be adapted if there is a desire for quieter rafting.

We are located in the mountain village Skjåk. In the national parks of Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Reinheimen. The municipality borders Stryn in the west and Lom in the east. It is a short distance to both Geiranger and Sjoa. Skjåk is a good starting point for many nature experiences. Mountain treks on foot or on horseback, fishing, hunting, and not least rafting and kayaking on the many rivers. Skjåk also has a very good facility for Go-Kart and Motocross.